Spinal Implants

Spinal Implants

Spinal implants are instruments that are necessary for spinal surgeries. These are made of stainless steel, titanium or non-metallic compounds and are available in various shapes and sizes.The kind of implant used depends on the requirement and body type of the patient.





Spinal implants can be of many types.

  • Rods: Strong and flexible rods are used to keep the spinal levels aligned or to make any injured part immobile. It is used along with screws and hooks.
  • Hooks: These are used with other implants on the vertebrae.
  • Pedicle screws: The screws are designed specifically to fit the pedicles in the spinal cord. The rods and screws are used together for anchorage.
  • Plates: The plates are held together using screws and are fixed along the contouring of the spine.
  • Cages: These are hollow devices that have perforated walls. The cages are placed between two vertebral columns to allow growth of bones. It is used to recreate disc height and offer relief to nerve roots.


To avoid spine implants:

  • Avoid lifting heavy loads as it may damage your spine further.
  • Maintain a good posture. Often back pains are the result of bad posture
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Ensure that the gadgets you use- the laptop, telephone etc are fitted to suit your height and does not strain your back.

These simple tips will take good care of your spine.